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Now, assuming all things worked out as they should THE ARCHIVE IS REVEALED. Please go forth, comment and be merry, because we have a mighty stash of loot here in this collection!

Talking about might, we've done really well in terms of hitting the achievements! Let me know which ones I've missed, and I'll be happy to edit them.

Considering how well we've all gone in getting these achievements, I've decided that I will keep counting works towards them right up to author reveals. Author reveals are in one week, here's your prompts spreadsheet, let's plat this game!
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The last extension has expired, and we have one last pinch hit! Please look over it carefully and if you are interested in picking it up, please leave a comment with your AO3 name.

Delightfully, all participants who have turned in a story have at least one gift! We have a lot of treats in the collection already, but there are multiple achievements for treats. If you're minded to try and achieve some more achievements as a group, please look at the requests spreadsheet :)

Pinch Hit #10: Undertale, OFF, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, Five Nights at Freddie's, Pokemon - CLAIMED )
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I will be away from my computer for a bit and so the archive may close a little late. Please get your works in on time, but please don't panic if it's still open for a bit after the due time.

On that note, if you have not already contacted me regarding an extension, I will not see your request and it will not be granted. Sorry about that!

Now, rock out to that super intense boss battle music, because the boss is on its fourth and final form!
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Team PressStart 2017? Can you hear me? We're past the last checkpoint and we're on to the final boss! No one has fallen since our last resupply, and we'll do our best to resupply you as needed. We've had a few opening salvos from people already to weaken the boss, so now we just need to keep up the assault.

Here at Tactical Support, we have some special abilities, which include analyzing bosses. While I can't go out and fight the boss with you, I can scan the enemy so that you can target your assault. Please remember that all of us are cheering you on!

Name: PressStart Deadline
HP: 31,698/48000
Overtreat Limit: 6000/????
Strong: Procrastination
Weakness: Creating fanworks

Good luck!

The more mundane explanation )
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Signups are now closed and matching has been finalized. Congratulations everyone, because we almost doubled the number of participants this year from last year and no one needed to be contacted to add offers! A spreadsheet is in the process of being created, and it will be posted along with a beta post in the next few days.

If there are any issues with your assignment, please contact me at press.start.mod@gmail so that I can get onto them right away. If you would like to ask further details of your recipient, please also email me so that I can get the ball rolling on that. Please do not contact your recipient directly! This is my job and I am delighted to do it.

We also have some initial pinch hits. These are people who, after matching was complete, were unable to be matched either because no one offered what they were requesting or because by the time matching got around to them every possibility had already been assigned. Please look at the pinch hits carefully and see if you can create a work for one of these participants.

If you are interested in claiming a pinch hit, please comment below with your AO3 name and which pinch hit you are after. All comments are screened!

EDIT: We have a new pinch hit, number 6. Please look over it and see if you can claim it!

Pinch Hit #1: Postknight, Pokemon, The Sims, Mystic Messenger, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, HuniePop - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #2: Akiba's Beat, Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, Atelier of Dusk Trilogy, Crossover Fandoms, Final Fantasy XIII series, Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Star Stealing Prince, Tokyo Xanadu, Ys - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #3: Magna Carta: Tears of Blood, Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Xillia - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #4: Dishonored, Fallout 4, Metal Gear, SOMA - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #5: Tales of Xillia, Star Ocean 2, Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Undertale, Ace Attorney, Okami, Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, NieR: Automata, Ys - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #6: Fallout 4, Final Fantasy XV, Far Cry 4 - CLAIMED )
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 The signup deadline approaches! A couple of things before signups close.

Requesting/Offering "Any Character"
If you are offering or requesting "Any Character", please check the tag set to make sure that you want a gift about any character/relationship in that tag set, or that you want to create a work for any character/relationship in that tag set. If there is any exception to you genuinely being fine with requesting or offering every tag in that fandom, now is a really good time to modify your signup to reflect that.  Also, please ensure that the characters/relationships you have prompted for are in the tag set.

Here is the tag set to make checking easier!

Optional Details in Offers

As already covered over here, the Optional Details field in Offers was left on by accident and I won't be using it for matching. Feel free to write stuff in there, but it will have no impact on what you are assigned to create (except under extraordinary circumstances).

Initially Unmatchables and Additional Offers

When signups close, I will be running matching. If no one is able to create for you you will be an initial pinch hit. If you are not able to create for anyone, you will be contacted and asked to provide additional fandoms or tags for matching purposes. You will have 24 hours to respond. Requests are visible, so as the signup deadline draws near just check to make sure you have some possibilities.

Contact with Participants

Please do not contact your fellow participants directly about their requests while the exchange is running. I will be the conduit for all contact of that nature.

Penalty Works
If you were defaulted by me at deadline either in 2015 or 2016 you are not eligible to participate this year until you complete your assignment from that year, and contact me with it. If you are not sure if you are one of these people, email me at press.start.mod@gmail and I'll let you know.

I think that covers everything! If there's anything else, drop it in the comments.
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 Nominations continue over here and will until 11:59pm EST (or realistically later) on July 1. Please get your nominations in! We are very close to beating our personal best for nominations, so let's see if we can do that!

There have been some updates to the rules and they are as follows:
  • Minimum duration of a vid has been reduced from two minutes to one minute;
  • Maximum requests and offers has been increased to 10, as every year we up it to ten anyway and might as well formalize it;
  • The requirement to complete a work if you default after the deadline has been changed from "must" to "may" - this is to allow discretion as it may be that something unexpected came up for you and you had to default.
Also, this is an idea I've been considering for a while, but what are your thoughts on an "NPC account" that you can gift works as well, in circumstances where the prompts for a fandom aren't for what you want to create, or you are the only person requesting this fandom, or you want to do one type of media and all the requests are for another type. Creation would be restricted to fandoms and tags in the tag set. Thoughts?

Finally, if you had to be defaulted by me at deadline either last year or the year before (that is, I had to hit the default button for you at deadline), to participate this year you are required to complete your assignment by the time signups close. Please, if you are in this category, finalize your previous assignment and email me a link when it is done. Thank you!

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In honor of the Kingdom Hearts trailer dropping, and E3 is coming (much like Winter only more predictably), prepare to begin that platinum run because nominations for this year's round of Press Start begin in a week! You are allowed to nominate five games (or series of games), with six characters/relationships for each game. 

In the meantime, if you have any ideas for trophies for the community to aspire to achieve this year, drop them in the comments. The sillier the better!

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