Sep. 11th, 2016

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How goes that final boss? Have you run out of items or did you level grind so badly that the final boss was super easy! (Fun fact, I accidentally did the latter just now. Oops.)

Some things to keep in mind:
  • Please ensure that by the due date your assignment is in final and not draft form on AO3. You can of course continue to edit it until reveals, but I need to be able to see your completed assignment and I can only do that if it is not in draft.
  • At the due date I will be checking all works for obvious placeholders and also to see whether anything satisfies the requirements for the achievements. From a very cursory look it does look like we have unlocked some more, so good work guys!
  • If there are any pinch hits, they will go out at around 6am EST on the 12th.
  • Also going up at around 6am EST will be a list of people who turned in an assignment and who have 1-2 gifts, given that there is an achievement for everyone who turned in an assignment having one or two treats. If you're between assignments, maybe one of those will tempt you!
  • If you need an extension, please have your request in by midday on the 11th! Preferably with information about how long an extension you need. 
Any problems, please email me at press.start.mod[at] Please do not send me a DW message!

Now that admin stuff is out of the way, happy assignment preparation! We're so close, you guys!

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