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The no penalty default deadline is fast approaching! It is at 11:59pm EST on 1 September.

In this exchange we are doing things a little differently. After the no penalty default deadline, I will be uploading all pinch hits that happen around 1 September to the comm at 6am EST on 2 September 2015. If you default on your assignment by 11:59pm EST on 1 September, and have picked up a pinch hit by 6am EST on 3 September, your pinch hit is considered your "official" assignment and you are considered to have not defaulted. This means that if someone defaults on you, you will go out for pinch hit, and all the rest that goes with completing an assignment.

If you default after the no penalty default deadline then you're considered to have defaulted on your assignment. The above only applies if you default before 11:59pm on 1 September.

If you are looking at your assignment and you can't fulfil it for whatever reason, keep 1 September in mind. Perhaps a pinch hit might be a better match for you!

To that end we have two pinch hits outstanding!

Happy fanworking!

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