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Team PressStart 2017? Can you hear me? We're past the last checkpoint and we're on to the final boss! No one has fallen since our last resupply, and we'll do our best to resupply you as needed. We've had a few opening salvos from people already to weaken the boss, so now we just need to keep up the assault.

Here at Tactical Support, we have some special abilities, which include analyzing bosses. While I can't go out and fight the boss with you, I can scan the enemy so that you can target your assault. Please remember that all of us are cheering you on!

Name: PressStart Deadline
HP: 31,698/48000
Overtreat Limit: 6000/????
Strong: Procrastination
Weakness: Creating fanworks

Good luck!

The more mundane explanation )
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Hi all! The no penalty default deadline has passed. This means that if you default after this date, and someone defaults on you, then you will not be sent to the pinch list.

If, however, you pick up a pinch hit, and then you are defaulted on, then you will be sent out to the pinch hit list.

To that end, one new pinch hit! And reposting our current outstanding old one. Please comment with your AO3 name and which pinch hit you would like.

Pinch Hit 7: Star Ocean: Second Evolution, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Bastion )

Pinch Hit 8: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Hakuouki, Bioshock Infinite - CLAIMED )

Stories are now due at 11:59pm EST on Saturday 12 September 2015, because I have an unexpected work commitment. The archive has been updated accordingly.
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The no penalty default deadline is fast approaching! It is at 11:59pm EST on 1 September.

In this exchange we are doing things a little differently. After the no penalty default deadline, I will be uploading all pinch hits that happen around 1 September to the comm at 6am EST on 2 September 2015. If you default on your assignment by 11:59pm EST on 1 September, and have picked up a pinch hit by 6am EST on 3 September, your pinch hit is considered your "official" assignment and you are considered to have not defaulted. This means that if someone defaults on you, you will go out for pinch hit, and all the rest that goes with completing an assignment.

If you default after the no penalty default deadline then you're considered to have defaulted on your assignment. The above only applies if you default before 11:59pm on 1 September.

If you are looking at your assignment and you can't fulfil it for whatever reason, keep 1 September in mind. Perhaps a pinch hit might be a better match for you!

To that end we have two pinch hits outstanding!

Happy fanworking!

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