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Assignments are out! There were some ... issues with matching, so if your assignment is at all unusual such as it being for a fandom you did not offer, please contact me immediately by email (press.start.mod[at]gmail) so that I can fix that for you!

A post will be going up soon for beta help, as well as a text file of all requests.

That said, there are two initial pinch hits. If you are able to pick either of them up, please comment below with your AO3 name. All comments are screened!

Request 1 by cricket_aria
Fire Emblem: If | Fire Emblem: Fates
Group: Female Corrin/Xander, Group: Female Corrin/Camilla, Fanfiction

So, I married Xander in my game of Conquest (and would have married Camilla had it been an option, this prompt goes to whichever sibling you'd prefer to pair her with) for one reason above all others; nobody can EVER argue that she doesn't belong with the Nohr royal family again if she's married into it, no matter how she first came into it. I'd really like something based around that idea, Corrin negotiating out whether they'd be willing, feeling guilty about asking them to sacrifice having a wife who loves them as a spouse should to ease her fears but not so guilty as to not ask. The issue of needing an heir to the throne if it's Xander, taking a concubine to have children with may be a possibility but with his family's background I imagine he'd prefer to only have his single wife.

I'm perfectly open to them coming to love each other romantically (or being there from the beginning in Xander and Camilla's cases, the reason they're the ones I want Corrin paired with are that there's enough of an age difference that they should have grown up with clear knowledge that she's not really their sister), I just want it to branch from Corrin being awkwardly determined to make sure the world knows that she is THEIRS ('They' meaning the whole family, not just Camilla or Xander) and there will be no taking her from them.

(I should probably also say I don't mean that as wanting her to have any added hostility towards her other family or anything, just the continued desire to remain with the family she was raised with and fear that it will be taken away.)

Request 2 by cricket_aria
Suikoden III
Group: Chris Lightfellow/Salome Harras, Group: Chris Lightfellow/Nash Latkje, Fanfiction

These two are the pairings I've carried with me ever since I first played the games. I love Salome's quiet support of Chris, the trust they have in each other, the sense that he's one of the few people who sees her as her without any of the Silver Maiden nonsense. And I love Nash's pulling her out of her comfort zone, ruffling her feathers, and helping her see the world as it really is when she gets outside of the castle and the battlefield.

I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of prompts for this one, outside of just wanting more stories with either of them in the world. Maybe something about it really starting to sink in as they get older and she stays the same what it means to have a true rune? Does she start to see the appeal of the Flame Champion's choice if she could find a way to make it without the destruction that came the first time? If she's with Salome it might just be wistful thoughts the two of them have now and then, both too dutiful to really consider it, but with Nash maybe he'd be willing to prompt her more seriously into thinking about it?

With Salome something about the nasty rumors that are sure to start flying around if/when people find out they're in a relationship together, whether about her having slept with him to get such a high rank so young or him being a dirty old man who's just using the lady everyone's put on a pedestal.

With Nash when I first played the game I was absolutely SURE that Louis questioning whether he was really married was foreshadowing that he was totally making up his wife to keep Chris from worrying about travelling alone with a man (and, probably more importantly, to keep the knights from worrying about her travelling alone with a man). I was shocked it never happened! So something based on that idea, whether him coming clean himself (he certainly never expected to become interested in her in a way that pretending to have a wife would get in the way of!) or Chris somehow finding out on her own and what she does with the info.

Something about how Chris changed during her time on the road with Nash, whether it's from Nash watching it as it happens or Salome being startled on her return by changes she never even noticed happening to herself.

Request 3 by cricket_aria
Zero Escape (Video Games)
Group: Tenmyouji & Clover, Group: Snake & Clover, Fanfiction

I really really want to see more of Tenmyouji and Clover together either without Sigma around to keep Tenmyouji from discussing certain important things or after the truth is out to everyone. I'm absolutely fascinated at how every time he takes her aside and tells her the truth Clover becomes unable to betray him even though it's such a wild thing to believe (heck, on her end it would be more believable if he knew about Junpei and what had happened because he was Zero and was trying to use knowledge of the last game to manipulate her with a crazy story). And how Clover is the one person (outside of Quark) who Tenmyouji trusts even though it's been so long since he last saw her.

Does he try to sway her over to his side of seeing the world the way it's become as still worth living it, convince her to let him introduce her to Earth as it's become instead of trying to chase down and change the past? Is there ever some silly unseen side moment when she teases the hell out of him after she realizes that at his age he still totally thinks Alice is full of Ice-9? Does she ever corner him and grill him about what happened to Snake as the only person there she'd trust to answer her truthfully? (I decided not to actually request the pairing, but I do ship Snake/Junpei if that's something you'd be interested in working into an answer to those questions, but it's totally not necessary).

Which leads us nicely into Snake and Clover. I honestly didn't realize exactly how strong my feelings about these siblings were until I was absolutely outraged that Akane would tear them apart like that. I like to imaging Clover grabbing Phi before her mind heads back and telling her to tell Akane back then that she'd damned well BETTER grab Snake and stash him in another hidden cryo unit somewhere if she knows what good for her. The risk of ax-crazy Clover coming to the surface if he's not produced. Finding out what happened to him if he was left to age normally, an answer that's almost as painful if he's still alive but grew old without her thinking she was dead as it is if he's dead himself. Doing anything at all that Akane asks to get that promised way to return her body as well as her mind to the past for a tearful reunion with a brother who, if successful, would have no idea why she's so overjoyed to see him (or why she's forcing a vaccine she smuggled back on her person for a disease that doesn't exist yet and may never happen on their timeline into him).

Or something sad and painful on Snakes end about his sister, the sister who's already been kidnapped twice and captured in the line of duty once, vanishing off the face of the earth and how he reacts. It's worth remembering that he can be just as scary over anything happening to her as she can be over him, maybe he starts his own one man assault on Free the Soul since all signs would point to them as the ones most likely behind her disappearance. Maybe Brother would react to that by trying to recruit him- their stories became so similar both of them psychics who lost a beloved younger sibling in a way they'll never get a proper answer about. (Totally ignoring ZTD spoilers here.) Or does Akane, or maybe poor mostly forgotten by the series Santa, have the decency to at least send Snake word that Clover's alive and well even if they can't see each other and he can no longer sense her.

Request 1 by Wallwalker
Might and Magic: World of XEEN
Fanfiction, Any Character

- Where did Crodo come from? The game tells us he's not from XEEN. Is he an Ancient, or an adventurer who found his way onto their world? How did he and King Burlock become such fast friends?
- How does the world change after the Great Experiment is completed? It certainly becomes bigger, the climate would probably change, travel would be possible between places once only accessible by magic... what challenges does this create for the people running the world?
- There's some information about the background between Sheltem and Corak, but there are a lot of gaps. Something filling in those gaps would be great. Or something about Sheltem's preparations to take control of both sides of Xeen, and his early days when he was still pretending to be a friend.

Request 2 by Wallwalker
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character

Feel free to stick with VP:L and not worry about VP:S canon. Ideas from any ending are also fine.
- What does Arngrim do when Lenneth is asleep again, and the gods don't want him in Valhalla. What happens to any of the Einherjar in that situation? Do Lenneth and other Einherjar object?
- How is Brahms still around in the new world anyway, and what is he going to do now?
- What kind of world does Lenneth create? Do her experiences and emotions color the world at all? I can't imagine they'd be exactly the same as Odin's world and I'd really like the idea of Lezard finding some sort of subconsciously-created flaw or danger that he can exploit.

Request 3 by Wallwalker
Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character

Iscalio has always been my favorite nation, for all of its complications. Just about anything about the heroes in this nation would be great.
- Why does Dryst decide to leave the continent when Iscalio loses the war? (Stranger still, why does Ulster decide to follow him?)
- Does Dryst really decide to start the war again when he wins? Or is it some kind of mock war? Either way, what do the others do about it?

Request 4 by Wallwalker
Quest for Glory
Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character

You dont' have to include all of the characters in this if you can't figure out how; any are fine!

A few ideas:
- Something about Rakeesh and Kreesha, and trying to build a life together when Kreesha has her duties to Tarna and Rakeesh wanders to help others (and is basically banished from Tarna anyway, in the end.) How do they stay together under such difficult circumstances, let alone raise a daughter?
- Anything about Katrina and/or Erana (if it's an AU where they both can survive, that's fine too) recovering from, well, being dead. How do they cope with a changed world?
- You know those dream sequences in QfG4, especially if you're a Wizard? The ones with Erana? I'd love something that expands on those.

Request 5 by Wallwalker
inFAMOUS (Video Games)
Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character

Mostly asking for the first two games, because of the character lists. Alternate timelines and such are good for this: See below.
Some ideas:
- Just about anything about Zeke and Cole and Trish, either pre-game or before the Beast comes in the other timeline with Cole's family.
- Just about anything about Kuo or Nix - their pasts, Kuo's relationship with John, Nix and her pets, etc....
- AU idea: what if an infamous Cole decided that after Infamous 2, he was going to try to keep Zeke alive and somehow make him into a conduit so that he wouldn't have to die? I have no idea how that would work, but I'd love to see an attempt at it.
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