Jul. 4th, 2017

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We are into my second favorite period of the exchange: signups!

Important links:
Sign up form
Tag set!
Achievement List - help us fill this out!

You are required to request at least three fandoms (and up to 10) and offer four fandoms (up to ten). You must offer two tags for each fandom (or "Any" if there is only one tag nominated in the fandom). Requests are visible from the beginning, so you can offer confident in what will be requested this year!

Matching is OR. If you request a fandom and request two tags in the fandom (such as group: A/B, and A), your artist/vidder/writer only has to include one "set" (in this case, either A/B or A on their own). Please keep this in mind when signing up!

Finally, a reminder if you had to be defaulted by me at the deadline last year or the year before: you have until signups close to finalize your assignment and get a link mailed to me. You are not eligible to participate until you do so. Thank you!

Now have at and merry signupmas! Signups close 18 July.

EDIT: A friendly reminder, as I forgot to include it earlier. If you request or offer "Any" it means "any character or relationship tag in our approved tagset", so please keep that in mind when requesting or offering.

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