Sep. 2nd, 2016

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The no-penalty default period has passed and there are no pinch hits to send out! Buckle in everyone, because we have passed the final checkpoint and all hands are on deck to take down the final boss threatening the peace of PressStart.

(You all have no idea how tempting it was to write this post like a badly written tie-in novel. Next year!)

As promised, a tentative list of all achievements that have been unlocked so far!
  • XBox Number One - 3 or more gifts for XBox games
  • Slaystation - 3 or more gifts for Sony games
  • My Mod Console's Better Than Yours - 3 or more gifts for PC games
  • Lady Lovin' - a story tagged f/f
  • Sidéquest: The First Adventure - three or more treats in the archive.

There may be more, but I haven't checked for content just yet.

On that note, gifts are due next Sunday by 11:59pm EST! On the deadline I will check every gift that is uploaded to make sure that it is complete, contains a relationship as requested, and whether it satisfies any of the other achievements. I will also check all gifts half an hour before I open the archive just to make sure that everything is still there and there hasn't been any last minute screwups. You will have two hits on your work from me by the time the archive opens. Sorry about that! It's a necessary evil.

Pinch hits, if there are any, will go up pretty soon after the deadline, so if you're interested in picking up one of those stay tuned! I will also do up a list of recipients who turned in their assignment with no or one treat, as there's an achievement linked to treating.

Otherwise, keep gifting! Keep treating! And I look forward to seeing the gifts roll into the collection!

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